Mike, Bar Harbor Maine USA

I agree wholeheartedly. I met (Nyoman) Sila 7 years ago when I booked a villa from Bali Villas. He was the driver assigned to us. I knew right away he was a special guy. He has a knack for knowing what Westerners will want to see and more importantly, what they won't. He avoids the tourist traps that actually tip out the drivers for bringing their guests by. Every year I hire him as my driver, and more recently my assistant buyer. I have no qualms leaving thousands of US dollars with him to finish paying off suppliers after I leave. His honesty is above reproach, his knowledge of languages is supurb, and his humanity is touching in this difficult world. He has become like a son to me and I would do anything for him, his lovely wife, and his new baby. Heck, I bought him the computer you can email him on! Cheers!

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