Alice Bali Shopping Trip

We just had a girls shopping weekend in Bali. While we were there we used a fantastic driver named Sila (pronounced Cee-la). On our first meeting with him we told him all of the places that we wanted to visit and what we were looking to purchase. He came up with several additional places that we should also visit. He never took us to "tourist" shops and helped communicate with the shop owners when they didn't speak English. He also help us to arrange the shipping of the larger items back to our country and brought us packing material for the items that we brought back on the plane.

He charges 400,000 rupees (~ $45) a day, a real bargain, and didn't want to take a tip even though he went beyond what he was required to do. On one of the days we used him for a few hours longer than we agreed to, and he wouldn’t take any extra money. He has a late model SUV, which he kept very clean, and always had cold bottle water on hand for us. He is extremely nice and went out of his way to help us. If you are looking for a honest, no pressure, helpful, and fun driver in Bali, I would highly recommend Sila.

Phone: 081 239 161 02

Website: www.geocities.com/baliwithsila/

Other Contact: baliwithsila@yahoo.com


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