Hello from Singapore

Good morning my friend,
Wow its almost a week and finally I’m settling down. hope you been busy. We would like to thank you for a good job done driving us around all those beautiful places and your patience for waiting & waiting for us doing our tourist thing … shopping for souvenir. Although we miss the famous Ibu Oka babi guling twice arrrrrrrrr! ( due to our shopping again trying to buy the perfect t shirt & stuff home ) you make it up by recommening the perfect yummy lunch ( can’t remember the restaurant name ). Sorry for “stinking” your car ( those yummy durian at Tegalalang rice terraces ha ha ), kopi luwat was an eye opener and thank for waking up the civet cat for me to capture the perfect picture hope the cat don’t recognize you for disturbing his nap. The view from Uluwatu temple was magnificent ohhh the monkeys are so mischevious grabbing the glasses of the tourist right in front of us, me & Jeff think maybe they are trained by the old man outside the entrance ha ha just kidding. Ubud is nature at its best the lunch at the padi field restaurant was awesome although we can’t see Mt Kintamani due to the heavy mist its still beautiful so heavenly. Tanah lot temple was beautiful its was perfect timing the tide coming in and took a couple of nice shots there. Jimbaran seafood was nice & romantic but the price was pretty high probably it’s a tourist area. Heart warming to know that there is a conservation place for turtle in Turtle island. Finally some places that we miss ( our shopping again ) we shall make it up on our next trip and once again a BIG thank you its been fun and to sum it up a unforgettable holiday. Till we meet again & good health , happiness to you & family.
Best regards

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