“One stop shop - drivers, tour guides.”

Sila, ray and Eddie were fantastic. Sila helped us fulfill all our random requests like helping with a bucks, a hens,translations, our wedding including wedding car, scooter dropped to our hotel, phone credit and liaison within our group of 20! Without Sila and his crew we would have been lost and unorganized. I had my 9 month old baby and our cousin had his 4 year old and it was great. They worked far longer and harder than they should have and never complained. Very humble and humorous. Make sure u tip them they deserve it. Great drivers, good fun, knowledgable, best attitudes. And they empty the boot for us including pram. These guys are awesome. Book them for everyday you are there it's worth it.


Crawford wedding party, by Sharlotte Raumilla

Sharlotte Raumilla B
  • Hi sila

    I just want to thank you once again for ur FANTASTIC service to us while we were there!! You and Ray were great !! I'll be sure to recommend you to everyone!!

    I'm planning on coming back to Bali in March so I'll be sure to use your services again

    Hope all your family is ok after the earthquake

    Take care Sila