Jarbebe, Singapore

Now is our turn to provide our comments on Sila! We're truly, truly pleased with Sila's services and are very glad to have engaged him as our driver for our honeymoon after reading the feedback here on Tripadvisor.
We booked Sila for 2 days of tour. Sila turned up punctually to meet us. He was so friendly and put us totally at ease. We didn't want to visit any temples at first but Sila explained to us about Balinese temples and that really helped us. He brought us to visit Uluwatu Temple where the kacek (fire) dance was. It was really beautiful! We simply loved it. Sila also brought us to have a look at the volcano and lake and explained the geography to us.
Sila provides very personal service - he is not just a driver. He would always ask us where we would like to go, buy or eat before proceeding. And he tries his very best to help make your trip as memorable as possible. He also gives great suggestions on restaurants and shopping! We loved the restaurants he brought us to and also bought some really nice paintings at the art gallery he recommended. He told us what to look out for especially the usual tourist traps and what to bargain for.
To us, we felt that Sila brought us to places that he loves to go to - not just because it's a job or we're tourists. We felt like we had a friend bringing us around to show us a land he loves. Sila is passionate about what he does and constantly looking at how he can improve as a guide to those who engages his services. We highly recommend Sila and would definitely use his services again!
Sila, we look forward to visiting your beautiful land soon and ku de ta anytime yah!!! =)

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