Aye, aye....choose Sila! Just got back today from Bali and Singapore but I just had to write about Sila (even if I am still suffering from jet lag!) We stayed at Ubud and because of Sila, my family and I have come to love this place.
Sila was terrific; I am so glad I found him through Trip Advisor. I must say that without Sila, our first trip to Bali would not have been as rich and unforgettable. He has that perfect combination of providing information when you need it but not inundating you with useless or dubious tips. He was unobtrusive yet well-informed. My husband is a talker, and he and Sila had great conversations regarding food, customs, politics, history, religion, etc! What a smart man! He also took us to the perfect beach in Nusa Dua where my boys could swim in safe waters. We also visited the rice terraces, watched the Monkey and Fire dances, and viewed good, high-quality art in a gallery that Sila recommended. He is completely trusthworthy: we left our bags and wallets in the car with him while we were at the beach. No worries, whatsoever, since Sila is very honest.
He was also fantastic with my boys. Even when we went to the beach and unfortunately tracked some sand in his car, he was so understanding about it. I tried to dust off as much sand as I could, but he told me not to worry about it. He was also very generous with ice cold water which is a lifesaver in the sultry weather!
Sila charged a flat rate regardless of what time we started or ended the day. So do give him a tip since he is so generous with his time!
Here's how you can reach Sila: baliwithsila@yahoo.com or www.geocities.com/baliwithsila/
Thanks, Sila, for a fantastic time in Ubud!!!

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