Great Bali Driver by CharlieHinkin,Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA

Our family just from Bali where we had the good fortune to have Nyoman Sila as our driver. We found Sila to be a most conscientious, professional, reliable, and above all safe driver. We reserved his services via internet Baliwithsila@yahoo.com before we left home. He punctually arrived for our 8:00 am pickup. His 7-seater minivan was in great shape, impeccably maintained, and had efficient air conditioning. He even packed a cooler full of bottled ice water for our use. He is an excellent driver who knew the roads inside out and who always drove in a safe and conservative fashion. When asked he was able to provide us with info on Balis history and culture. We had a desire to visit a number of Balinese temples he was able to recommend some of the most picturesque and even lent us the requisite sarongs and sashes needed for entry onto the temple grounds. We found him to be very patient and kind to our two daughters (age 4 and 7). Eminently trustworthy, we felt comfortable leaving our two girls in his care while we quickly would tour a temple or shop (something we would never dream of doing with an LA cabbie). Plus, at only $400,000 rupiahs for a full day (approximately $40 USD) his services are more than reasonably priced. As a Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, I know that the most rewarding aspects of travel are not the things you see but the people you meet. For our family, meeting Nyoman Sila was one of the highlights of our journey. We recommend him most highly. If I can provide any additional info, email me at chinkin@ucla.edu Read more: "Great Bali Driver in Frommers.com Bali and Indonesia Forums" - http://www.frommers.com/community/forum.cfm?plckForumPage=ForumDiscussion&plckDiscussionId=Cat%3AAsiaForum%3A0EE93CABDiscussion%3A0EF41E5E&plckCategoryCurrentPage=0#ixzz0Frz3j7OT&A

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