JBR - 29 June to 13 July 2010

Day 9 I had booked another Trip Advisor recommended driver, Sila. Sila picked me up at 9.00 am and we headed for the Tanah Lok Temple. The beauty of this temple and the surrounding ocean is amazing, it exceeded my expectations. We then headed for the spectacular rice terraces which are nothing short of exhilarating and I thoroughly recommend a visit as it will not disappoint. As we passed through villages along the way many of the villagers had their favoured world cup team’s flag flying proudly in the breeze, not something you would normally see and it too was a spectacular sight. Next we went to the Lake but it was raining so Sila suggested lunch first so we went to the Strawberry Stop which was a great idea as the rain had subsided by then and I got some great photos of the temple and the lake. Last stop on the way back to Sanur was another temple which was very picturesque too. What an amazing day out and another wonderful highlight of my trip. And, finally, what can I say about Sila other than he is exactly as described on this forum. He is great company, lots of fun and I recommend him highly too.

The rest of my stay was spent relaxing by the pool with a good book and visiting a day spa a couple of times (Mandurah in Sanur) for massages and treatments which I also recommend highly.

Overall,an unforgettable holiday and I now look forward to my next holiday in Bali, in the not too distant future. Thanks again for all the advice!

Happy to answer any questions.



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