West Bali Adventure

This month should be the bussy time for all of the drivers.
Unfortunately we are having a bad time. Since the global crisis hit us, slow but sure Bali got effected. alot of guest canceled their trip to Bali.
My self also have more empty calendar than last month.

My freinds from west Bali called me, It's off road time....! they said.

I took my family to west, so my wife and my son can meet our parents in both side since both of us came from west too.
We went to west Bali National park, ride in to the teak forest.
We found two carts full with wood and axe left by the thief. So sad to see the teak forest is almost gone now. alot of peolpes chop the trees but never replant.
climb the high hill and pas by the water dam in Palsari.
One time my bike was stuck in the mud, it was my fault. Small river but deep mud.
My friends have to drag me.
It's fun....! we ignore the crisis for a while.
Ups... I need to buy new boots.
it's look old and the sole is cracking.....
That's all guys, I invite you to visit west Bali.

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